Your West Europe Market Entry with Balticgoods

More companies like to start up operations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D-A-CH)! or in other west europe countries.
The region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and Germans living in other countries covers close to 130 Million Inhabitants and is one of the healthiest markets globally,but for sure the biggest market in Europe.
People are linked together by culture and language – German (D-A-CH) and English Language (other countries) is spoken by the majority of people.

Balticgoods can support your activities to enter the German, Austria, Switzerland and other West Europe Markets by offering

  • Presales and Sales Support

  • Consulting and Interim management

  • Infrastructure

  • Operational Support

  • Onlinemarketing / Ecommerce and Programming incl.Fullfillmentsolutions

  • Telekommunikation (local phonenumber linked via VOIP to any point in the world)

Your business and future growth will benefit from working with Balticgoods:

  • Speed to Market – Balticgoods can provide access to the west europe markets – now

  • Local Player – we will represent your company in the local language and culture

  • Network – you will receive access to the existing networks

  • Infrastructure – Balticgoods can host your business with your Branding and your Company and Product presentation in existing offices

  • Flexibility – you choose the scope of the engagement

  • Pricestructure – you will receive a flexible priceoffer for expanding your business

For more information please contact us.